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Fagor Spain

Fagor Spain


Since 1947, worldwide leading manufacturer of home appliances.























- Refrigerators
- Freezers
- Washing Machines
- Tumble driers
- Diswashers
- Ovens
- Hobs
- Hoods
- Microwavespicture15
- Cookers


  • Pressure Cookers
  • Cookware
  • SDA (Small Domestic Appliances)



  • Boilers
  • Electric Water Heaters
  • Gas Water Heaters



  • Constant innovation to offer solutions to customers.
  • Manufactured with Eco-friendly materials.
  • Designed using the Eco-design method.


SERVICES - Promixity to customers

  • Service Excellence in every local market.
  • Proximity to our customers.


INNOVATION - Strategic Lines

  • To launch products and services
  • To contribute market solutions.
  • To develop technological solutions.


INNOVATION - Objetives

  • To expand Innovation Culture.
  • To incorporate an Integral System for Innovation Management.
  • Innovation: Organisational, Cultural and Strategic.


INNOVATION - Applications

  • The intense technological development in different areas, has resulted in real perceived value through new products.
  • Cooking quality:
    • “Master Chef” pyrolitic ovens with a cooking expert function and reduction of consumption (A-10%).
    • Combisteamer pyrolitic oven (steam function).
    • “Slider” hob with 15 power levels.
  • Easy to clean:
    • Second generation of pyrolysis, the best cleaning solution of the market.
    • Induction hobs.


SUSTAINABILITY- Strategy -> The group’s Corporate Missionpicture18

  • Sustainable development.
    • Economic.
    • Environmental.
    • Social.
  • Environmental concern.
    • No. 1 Eco-design
    • Cert. AENOR.
    • ISO 14001.


SUSTAINABILITY- Products designed using the Eco-design method


  • Assessment of the Product’s Useful Life
    • Materials Selection.
    • Productive Procedures.
    • Transport.
    • Recycling.


SUSTAINABILITY- Efficiency in the manufacturing method

  • Improvements in the company:
    • Improving efficiency in the manufacturing process.
    • Reducing emissions and waste generation.
    • Integrating the concepts of eco-design in manufacturing processes


SUSTAINABILITY- Key milestones

  • No. 1 in Eco-design Certificate, awarded by AENOR.
  • Redesign of equipment to increase percentage of reuse.
  • Development of the infrastructure for waste management (RAEE).
  • Efficient products A+++ by integration of new technologies.



  • Active member of CECED.
  • Volunteer agreements to reduce CO2.
  • Accession to the 2020 Eco-efficiency program.
  • Distribution of an ethics code to international suppliers.
  • Sponsor of the European Parliament’s symposium on policies and strategies for sustainable housing.


SUSTAINABILITY - The Fagor Electrodomésticos Group is making a contribution towardspicture19

  • Preventing climate change.
  • Consuming fewer raw materials by using eco-efficient processes.
  • Preventing damage to the environment.
  • Minimising the employment of material resources.
  • Minimising the generation of waste.